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                                                        colored coating steel plate

    MUXIJA have specialized in supplying and offering a wide range of colored coating steel plate , with stable quality, competitive price and delivery on time. 
     It is beautiful in outlook, novel in construction, strong but light, being easy to install, heat insulated, sound insulated and moisture-proof. 
It is composed by two layers of materials agglutinated, being processed by the automatic forming machine. The outer layer is strong material, the zinc coated steel sheet, the inner layer is light heat-insulated material. 
Usage of the products
鈽 workshop, warehouse, cleanse house, gas station etc..
鈽 office building, villa, exhibition center, gymnasium etc..
鈽 reinforced wall of the building
鈽 the movable and combination house, i.g. construction house, booth, lobby of station
鈽 refrigeratory, refrigeration container, refrigerator car
鈽 inner partition wall and sunshade of building, train and ship
鈽 air conditioner, air conditioning ventilation pipeline
鈽 kinds of doors

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