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KL Footed Fin – Knurled L Footed Fin:

Base tube outside the knurling, winding around the L feet after the second rolling to strengthen the segment contact, improve heat transfer performance, can withstand repeated hot and cold cycle is not loose.

The finned tube adds a lot of heat transfer surface area for the fluid outside the tube, KL Type aluminium Fin Tube For boiler / air cooler.

KL Footed Finned Tubes are typically used in low temperature applications not exceeding 350 degrees F. They are primarily used in air-cooled applications such as large radiators, compressor oil coolers, and other forced-draft or induced-draft air-cooled applications.


L-Foot Tension Wound Finned Tubes:

Using the edge of the finned finned tube to keep the joint force in the best condition, L feet and pipe contact closely, no thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, good corrosion resistance, less loss, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion, expansion of large heat transfer surface, The finned tube is made of heat exchangers and has a strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion and thermal shock resistance.

Our long-term professional to provide 304 stainless steel aluminum finned tube, stainless steel copper finned tube, aluminum L-type foot tube and other fin tube.


Overlapped Type LL Cooling Aluminum Fin Tube

LL fin tube is produced in same way as the 'L' type finned tube but has a wider fin base which is overlapped during the winding process, thereby giving excellent corrosion resistance.



This type of finned tube is often used as an alternative to the more expensive extruded type fin in corrosive environments.

Maximum operating temperature 170ºC.



1. Air cooler in petrochemical, power plant, paper-making, tobacco and building heating.

2. Air heater in food processing equipment

3. Air heater in plant protein and starch spay drying system


Aluminum 1100 Annealed L knurled finned tubes with 0.45mm fin thickness

General L-type production capacity

General specifications of KL type fin tubes

Finning Facility: 7 finning machines;

Daily capacity up to 5000 meters;

Fin type: Solid plain

Tube OD : 50.8mm max.

Tube Length : no lomit

Fin Height : 16.5 mm max.

Fin Thickness: generally 0.4mm ~0.6mm

Fin Pitch :12FPI min



KL Type Tension Wound Tube is combined with two different materials.

Items  General Materials   Popular ASTM Materials

Core Tube Material  Carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, cooper-nickel alloys, aluminum bronze, nickel alloys.        

1. Carbon Steel: A179, A192,SA210 Gr A1/C,A106 Gr B

2. Stainless Steel: TP304/304L,TP316/TP316L          

3. Copper:UNS12200/UNS14200/UNS70600,CuNi70/30,CuNi 90/10

4. Titanium: B338 Gr 2

Fins Material  


Aluminum & Copper & Steel

1. Aluminum(Alu.1100,Alu.1060)

2. Copper.

3. Steel


Manufacturing process: The fin strip (normally aluminum and copper) is folded into an L SHAPE and wound onto the base tube surface under tension. The feet of the fins are joined together and cover the finned surface.


Surface Protection

Both bare ends shall be Zinc or Aluminum metalized applied by an electro spray arc system coating.


Acceptance Criteria

API Standard 661(Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Service) or the delivery conditions (TDC).



Tube Support Box, Clamp or Spacer Box (Material: Aluminum, Zinc and Stainless Steel).


Delivery Condition

Tube ends are square cut, free burrs, internally dried and air blown clean, externally coated with varnish at both ends of L Type Tension Wound Finned Tube.



The desiccants are put into each package for continental transportation as well.



One-stop manufacturer shop from core tube supply to fin tube machines

ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Experienced and dedicated management and qualfied manpower

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Tube stock availability for general grades of carbon steel and stainless steel

Technical support services for fin tube machines and replacement accessories


L, LL, KLM finned tubes

L finned tubes, LL(DL) finned tubes, KLM finned tubes (knurled fin tubes) (with aluminum fins)

Fins: Aluminum ASTM B209 Al 1060; ASTM B209 Al 1100, 1050A.



. the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical process industries

. natural gas treatment

. the steel industry: blast furnace and converter systems

. power generation: steam turbine exhaust condensing

- contact condensing with cooling of circulating condensate

- fossil and nuclear power plants

. air conditioning (Freon, ammonia, propane)

. incineration of household refuse

. compressor coolers, etc.


Supply Range of base tubes (pipes) (core tube):

Carbon Steel ASTM A 179, ASTM A 192, ASTM A 210 Gr. A1, ASTM A 210 Gr. C, ASTM A 106 Gr. B

Low Alloy Steel ASTM A 209 T1, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T11/T12, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T22, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T5, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T9, ASTM A 335 P1 / A 161 T1, ASTM A 335 P11 / P12 / A 200 T22, ASTM A 335 P22 / A 200 T22, ASTM A 335 P5 / A 200 T5, ASTM A 355 P9 / A 200 T9

Stainless Steel ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 304l, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 304L, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 321, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316L, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 347, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316Ti, ASTM A 289 / A 790 UNS S 31803, ASTM B 677 Alloy 904L

Nickel ASTM B 161 Ni 200, ASTM B 161 Ni 201


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