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Embedded finned tube is use of slotted embedded technology, finned from the stability, embedded firmly, pull the force of not less than 70N, the media allowable temperature up to 400 鈩, with strong temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, widely used in petrochemical air cooler.


Product detailed:

Embedded finned tube (maximum tube length 15 meters)

Fin Height(mm): 9.5-15.8

Fin Thickness(mm): 0.45-0.5

Tube diameter(mm): 16-50

The number of sheets per inch(mm):6-10

Base Tube Material: Carbon steel and copper

Fin Material: Aluminum and copper


G embedded fin tubes (with aluminum fins)

The fin strip is wound into a mechanically produced groove and tightened by

backfilling of the base material under pressure. Groove depth 0,4 mm.


G embedded fin tubes: The fin strip is wound into a mechanically produced groove and tightened by backfilling of the base material under pressure. Groove depth 0,4 mm. Advantages: High fin stability, excellent heat transfer, high operating temperature.



The manufacturing tool is made up of 2 non-cutting plates set at 90° to the axis of the base tubes (pipes) (core tube).The first plate effects a groove for metal spinning. The second directs the ribbon in the groove and sets the fin foot in the groove through pressure on the metal displaced for the groove. A similar plate made of tungsten carburate allows us to manufacture. G embedded fin tubes ( fin tubes )with base tubes (pipes) (core tube) made of austenitic steel or exotic alloys.



1) Thermal The fin/tube wall contact is constant because of the setting and makes it possible to use a wall temperature of up to 400° C.

2) Mechanical The fin is set throughout its length and consequently does unwind even when partially uprooted.


Material Combinations

Core Tube: Carbon steels (ASTM A 179/ A 214, St 35.8,etc.), low-alloy steels, stainless steels, copper-nickel alloys, aluminum bronze, copper, nickel-alloys(Alloy 400, ext.),

Fins: Aluminum ASTM B209 Al 1060;ASTM B209 Al 1100, A1050, etc.


Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 450° C.

G type embedded fin tubes machine is designed by ourself based on international advanced technologies and experience with stable and firm slotting embedding technology, pulled off force not less than 70 N, medium allowable temperature of 450 鈩, with strong resistant and heat-resistant ability, widely used in the impact of petrochemical refining air condenser.


G Fin Finning Lines: 5 finning machines.

Daily capacity up to 3500 meters.


Tube OD: 50.8mm(2'') max.

Tube Length: 18,000mm max.

Fin Height: 16.5 mm max.

Fin Thickness: generally 0.4mm ~0.6mm

Fin Pitch: 2.1 mm (12FPI) min.


Manufacturing process

The aluminum fin strip is tension wound and placed into a groove cut into the tube.


G Fin Fluted Depth:

Appr. 0.4mm.


Surface Protection:

Zinc or Aluminum metalized applied by an electro spray arc system coating.


Acceptance criteria:

API Standard 661(Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Service) or the delivery conditions.



Tube support box, clamp or spacer box (Materials: Aluminum, Zinc and Stainless Steel).


Delivery condition:

Tube ends are square cut, free burrs, internally dried and air blown clean, externally coated with varnish at both ends of G-Fin Embedded Finned Tube.

The desiccants are put into each package for continental transporation as well.



The common application fields are:

Heat exchangers units for power plant(electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants);

High corrosive systems (condensers, evaporators, sea water desalinations, fertilizing, urea systems, ammonia, gas, corrosive acids);

The petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries;

The food processing and refrigeration industries;

Natural gas treatment;



Grooved G type Finned Tubes are combined with two different materials.

Items   General Materials   Popular ASTM Materials

Core Tube Material

carbon steel, ow-alloy steel,

stainless steel, brass, copper,

cooper-nickel alloys,

aluminum bronze, nickel alloys.

1. Carbon Steel: A179, A192,SA210 Gr A1/C,A106 Gr B

2. Stainless Steel: TP304/304L,TP316/TP316L/316Ti,

A789 S31803/S2205 etc...

3. Copper:UNS12200/UNS14200/UNS70600,

CuNi70/30,CuNi 90/10


Fins Material  

1. Aluminum

2. Copper.

1. Aluminum(Alu.1100,Alu.1060)

2. Copper.


Competitive Advantage:

We have more than 10,000 square meters workshop, including 5 finning machines, daily capacity up to 3,500 meters.

The Grooved G type Finning Machines are designed and assembled by ourselves and we can offer you finning machine and all accessories etc...

The contact of manufacturing Grooved fin tubes is designed for a high wall temperature of up to 350°C.


Embedded Fin tube “G Type” is made with the fin strip wounded into a machined groove and securely locked into place by back filling with base tube material. This technique ensures maximum heat transfer and a temperature of working until 450C°.

For this type of finned tubes our productive capacity is over 2000 meters per day.


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