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Extruded fin tube:

It is made of aluminum pipe and other metal pipe as a whole, without contact resistance, good heat transfer performance, high corrosion resistance, small flow loss, heat shock and mechanical vibration, good thermal expansion performance and considerable expansion Hot surface, with this finned tube made of heat exchanger, the use of special equipment in the aluminum tube rolling fins, pipe contact pressure, is about 4 times the film tube, the media allowable temperature up to 350 鈩, Have a strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion and thermal shock resistance.


Extruded Stainless Steel aluminium Fin Tube:

Stainless steel tube and aluminum tube composite after extrusion fins, which feathers are tightness, good  heat resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow losses, strong corrosion resistant performance, not easy to deformation and a long working lifetime in cold and hot condition, etc.


Serrated Extruded Fin Tube:

Professional heat exchanger finned tube manufacturer. There are many production equipment and processing technology, strong technical force, product performance and product quality in the same industry in a leading position. We produce a variety of materials and different specifications of the type Of the finned tube widely used in heat exchangers, air coolers and boiler economizers

Professional finned tube and finned tube equipment manufacturers, we produce finned tube: KL Footed Fin – Knurled L Footed Fin锛孡aser Welded StainlessSteel Fin Tube, Laser Welded StainlessSteel Fin Tube, Gas shielded brazing fin tube, hot dip galvanized elliptical fin tube, Laser welded fin tube making machine, Edge tension finned tube making machine.


Carbon steel-aluminum composite extruded fin tube, with tube material SA179, SA789, SA214, SA213, SA336

Fin material aluminum, fin thickness 0.25mm~0.8mm, fin pitch 2.3mm~4.5mm, Fin type: Extruded, extruded serrated, any length, ISO9001 quality system certification, CE, used for large air-cooler, heat exchanger, dryer, with high heat transfer and energy conversetion. Good surface and sea worth packing.


Carbon steel/Aluminum finned tubes for the air cooler and heat exchange

The parameters and performance are as follows:

1: Technical parameters: The high degree of fin 0-16mm (or outside diameter of fin φ 38.1-φ77m); Pitch of fins 2.3-12mm; Length of finning tube 0.5~ 14m.

2: Single metal rolling finning tube: Pure aluminum 1060 or aluminum alloy 6063.

3: Double metal rolling finning tube: Tube-based protection from the outer layer of aluminum tubes, corrosion-resistant; Tube-based can be made from carbon steel pipe, in addition to, stainless steel tube and copper tube can also be used, as well as titanium alloy tube.


Manufacturing Process

A smooth core tube is inserted into an aluminum sleeve and then the fins are extruded out of the aluminum sleeve.



The common application fileds are:

1. Heat exchangers units for power plant(electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants);

2. High corrosive systems (condensers, evaporators, sea water desalinations, fertilizing, urea systems, ammonia, gas, corrosive acids);

3. The petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries;

4. The food processing and refrigeration industries;

5. Natural gas treatment.


Base tube diameter 10mm-51mm

Base tube wall thickness 1.65mm-3.0mm

Fin thickness  0.3mm-1.2mm

Fin pitch 2.0mm-15.0mm

Fin height   5mm-16mm

Base tube material: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy, Titanium, Nickel, Copper etc.

Fin material: Aluminum strip, Copper strip


fin type: Extruded fin tubes ( fin tubes )- extruded fin tubes ( fin tubes )s and many special sizes extruded fin tubes ( fin tubes ). extruded fin tubes ( fin tubes ) has the advantages of high efficiency, strong corrosion resistant and long life as the International, technologically advanced heat transfer element.


The base tubes (pipes) (core tube) of double extruded fin tubes can be SS, CS, corrosion resistant steel, copper and copper alloys, Ti and Ti alloys and the other materials. The base tubes (pipes) (core tube) of single extruded fin tubes can be copper, Nickel-copper, Aluminum and the other materials.


These products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, mechanical and electrical, light industry and pharmaceutical industries in the heating, drying, condensation and cooling equipments.


Applications and characteristics

Working temperature ≤350°C

working pressure ≤32MPa

High heat transfer performance, same with KLM type (Knurled "L"). Good fins stiffness, against deformation high atmospheric corrosion resistance for long term stable usage.


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